Join the adventure.

Young Life is for every middle school, high school and college student who wants meaning, fun and the most out of life.

We’re for adults, too.

Getting the most out of life doesn’t end with graduation. As volunteers, fans, donors, guests and alumni, hundreds of thousands of adults​ find life and joy through Young Life. Here are just a few options.

For middle school students through college age.

Fostering unity with kids in mind.

Changing two generations at a time.

Ensuring we care for kids of every ethnicity.


Learn more about the different ways you can get involved by connecting locally.

For everyone.

Every kid deserves a caring adult in their life. Wherever we can find kids, we’re there!

Interested in starting Young Life in

your community?

To bring Young Life to your community, a variety of main ingredients are necessary. The Young Life regional director who oversees your geographic area will know how to help you. Use the Locatorto find the regional office near you or contact Young Life Mission Services for assistance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​