Newt Crenshaw


Newt Crenshaw’s introduction to Young Life began with his parents, who volunteered with the ministry for over three decades. Their involvement led Crenshaw to serve as a Young Life leader while in college and after, when he relocated to Virginia for a sales role with the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly. There, he also met his wife, Susan. They married in 1987 and have three sons and a daughter — Drew, Zachary, Luke and Jensen.

Since, Crenshaw served at Eli Lilly in a variety of roles. He spearheaded the e.Lilly division, which developed new business models, and internal and external venture funds. He later became president of Eli Lilly in Japan in 2003, generating double-digit growth each year for five years, and outpacing the Japanese pharmaceutical market by nearly three times. Following his stint in Japan, Crenshaw led Eli Lilly’s commercial oncology efforts.

​ Throughout his increased responsibilities and their many moves, Newt and Susan have continued to stay involved with Young Life and the local church. With Young Life, they served as volunteer leaders; committee members; committee chairs; consistent donors; mentors to staff; and helped establish Young Life in Zionsville, Indiana; and the Kansai region of Japan. Within their local church, both Susan and Newt have been adult Bible teachers, involved in parenting and counseling ministries, women’s leadership (Susan), and eldership (Newt).

Crenshaw brings international experience and a strong background in leadership, people development and strategic planning to Young Life, along with a clear focus on carrying the g​ospel to young people.